New Features - version 5.8

Update VetWare


New Features


Major features:


  • Message center: sending and receiving emails, internal messaging between employees, sending SMS as well as checking the database backup files
  • Master-Satellite: the option to allow specific prices for each satellite clinic or having the price used from the Master
  • Popup Note: the ability to add a note that pops up automatically for a client or patient once the focus is placed on either one in the search window

Change Requests:

  • Salutation: no longer required when adding a new person, just select <N/A> in the dropdown
  • Verifying the modification dates of the database backup files: this function was added in the "General Options" in the "File Location" tab
  • Results of Abaxis equipment which dates from before the lab integration: results are no longer downloaded, this is to allow a significant acceleration of the initial integration process
  • Email addresses: can no longer contain invisible characters
  • Patient's date of birth:  it is now transmitted to Abaxis and appears in the PDF report of laboratory results
  • Detailed report of the appointment book:  it can now display unassigned appointments

Corrected bugs:

  • Addition of an X-ray contained in a group: it was not possible if you had deleted elements of the group from above the X-ray before adding it to the folder
  • Addition of an error message: added for when the printing fails on an invoice from the counter sale, client sale or from invoice history
  • Appointment book: it would remain invisible or had other display problems after being minimized and restored from the main menu and not from its icon from the Windows taskbar
  • Group catalog: saving errors occurred when you started creating a group and then deleted it, and then trying to modify another group
  • Catalog of services for multi-establishment clinics: it displays the price lists of the establishment displayed on the screen
  • GL codes: can now contain more than 10 characters
  • Visit Creation Window: you can specify a referring veterinarian, even if no regular veterinarian is selected
  • Prescription Creation: this function misinterpreted fractional quantity characters such as ¼, ½ and ¾ when entered using the keyboard
  • Creation date of an estimate: date can no longer be deleted, which prevents errors when saving
  • Moving an object in a medical record: this was causing display errors in the medical record
  • Medical Record: it became corrupted after modifying the chronological order, in certain circumstances
  • Search Window: it changed the request by coming back to the patient with the previously searched ID, even if we had just modified other patients for the same person
  • Internal Document Editor: opens only one tab per document when it is linked to both languages
  • Window “About”: it now opens in the same screen as the one where the mouse is, like all the other windows
  • Usage Windows: allows to display very large quantities without error
  • Reminder Batches: it now confirms that the list of excluded batches is numeric and separated by commas
  • Language Used by VetWare: it can now be modified after printing a batch of reminders
  • List of Client Appointments: it displayed a few column headers, always in English
  • Drop down Menu of Cash Drawer: it would sometimes remain open when the main menu disappeared
  • Reminder Batch: they are no longer generated by grouping by customer and dividing by species
  • Name of Establishment on bottom of Reports: it corresponds to the establishment that is selected when applicable
  • Several functions have been optimized in SQL server to accelerate and avoid expired connection delay errors, when generating reminder batches, verifying the Logivet version and when using the Visit List
  • Admission Window: it was impossible to select a reminder in the window
  • Adjustment Report: it now displays adjustments even when the amount is negative
  • The Cash Rounding Symbol: is no longer reversed on a printed invoice
  • Reception of an Order with Multiple Dates: order could not be saved as "all received" without providing an expiry date for all products
  • Employee Search: it posted all the employees, even those assigned to other clinics
  • Laboratory Test Results in the tab “Other Tests”: it can now be associated with a medical record if you close the window before entering the information
  • Laboratory Test Results for Idexx internal grouped: are now in a single PDF file instead of several
  • Laboratory Results Synchronisations: When the PDF file associated with a test request cannot be found, the workstations no longer hangs
  • Laboratory Test Idexx: They are possible even if "the group" contains one service with an internal test and another with an external test
  • Test Searching: you can now write part of its name when you want to link the result of a laboratory test to a medical record