New Features - version 5.7

VetWare update



  • Basic integration with Smart Flow to create a treatment plan and retrieve the report
  • Integration of Biovet
  • Integration of Idexx (internal)


  • The settings screen in reports now select the previous month as the default period when applicable, except for the report of daily transactions not invoiced which selects the current month
  • The report settings window remains open after printing or displaying a report if you check the option in the window
  • The report Sales by product/service/species has been renames to Sales and Profit by product/service
  • Added the report Inventory by planogram
  • Added the report of active clients


  • You can now deposit the change as a new down payment in a single payment transaction
  • Printing of requests sent to Biovet and Idexx laboratoires (external)
  • Added an option in General Options to print notes on the invoice
  • The visit list window allows you to filter by several departments, rooms, statuses and veterinarians and can now save these settings
  • The invoice history displays an indicator when there is an invoice note, a tooltip displays it when the mouse is placed over it
  • The preview of a merge document is now in read only to avoid modifying the original document
  • The addition of the patient's color in the summary window next to its name
  • You can now add a date when the patient has been given away, like when it is deceased
  • You can now delete a client who has had no transactions even if they had an appointment or reminder that were deleted
  • Added a new template in tables for patient recommendations
  • The manufacturer's lot number is now displayed on the controlled substance log
  • The person and animal summary now display information when selecting the client
  • The email or SMS confirmation symbol can be removed by modifying the appointment and un-checking the appropriate boxes  
  • The reminder list displays the description of the generated reminder batch if applicable in the reminder message box
  • Several clients can now be found at the same time by reference number if the % symbol is added at the beginning and/or end of the number searched
  • In the invoice sending/printing window we can now add or modify the client's email and cell phone 
  • The missing entry "Unknown, Altered" was added to the sex / sterility list when modifying an animal
  • The Print Manager has been completely rewritten to keep up with VetWare’s evolution with .NET technology
  • Features that use a login now mention the type of account to use
  • The option to activate the animal or person's summary has been removed from the File> Startup windows menu and is now directly in the search screen above the results area
  • Invoices, Estimate and Statement emails support templates of the animail customized message type

Bugs/ Fixes


  • Vaccines are no longer displayed twice in the animal summary section
  • In the report prices per product, it no longer rounds the factors (mark-up) per unit.
  • The general options screen loads the most recent options when it is open
  • The product catalog refreshes the selected new product after registering a product that was incomplete
  • The results of Abaxis laboratory tests could double and prevent the reception of new results
  • The Surgery Logs Report groups data by client much in the same way as the Anesthesia Log Report
  • Sorting the entire medical file in chronological order no longer causes an error when trying to insert a new line completely at the top of the medical file
  • Invalid products or services that are still part of a group no longer cause an error when trying to change the order of these items before adding it to the medical file
  • Species names containing an apostrophe no longer cause errors when opening the service catalog
  • The medical file displays all the attachments in the folder, when you choose to filter only the "To Do" lines
  • The barcode scanner can be used again to read an inventory lot label in the group / service / product screen to put the correct lot number for the corresponding product line. If the screen is blank, you can scan the label to search for the product and initialize the lot in one step
  • When trying to add a group to a medical file, there is no more error when the first item in the group is invalid
  • The medical file allows you to open several RTF attachments (maximum 3 different files)