New Features - version 5.6

VetWare update



  • Connection with laboratories (Idexx external, Abaxis internal with Vetscan Fuse and Heska/Biovet)

Medical File 

  • You can now see a recorded estimate by right clicking in a line of a medical file
  • Folder label: when the option to display only the name and phone number is enabled, they are now inserted on 2 lines instead of only one.
  • The veterinarian license number will be displayed in new visits
  • The email field is more permissive


  • In the appointment list window: added a column to display the reasons for the appointment
  • The "missed" status for an appointment now keeps the date and the user who modified it
  • In addition to the existing planograms, the shelf cards can be printed by product category or classification
  • In the product catalogue: possibility to search for a partial supplier code with the % symbol
  • The customer history now allows you to search for information between 2 dates for each tab
  • The prescription history now displays the visit number, the remaining renewals and the product name as entered when the prescription was created.
  • In the search window: when opening the search window, the return of the focus in the area code
  • Maximum of 5 characters for the weight of an animal (in kg)
  • Improved is the saving of the visit list settings.

Bugs/ Fixes

Appointment Book

  • Appointment book: fixed the error when trying to insert a note directly in a field of the appointment book
  • The appointment book no longer displays unavailability and time reservations in non-group mode.

Medical File

  • In the medical file: the details of an entry always show the person who made it and the date is automatically updated when a change is made
  • The service added automatically when opening a visit is now added to the folder with its SOAP text
  • You can modify the "SOAP" text of an item whose price list has been deleted
  • The display of the medical file no longer produces the error message "visit deleted" when searching by patient name


  • The amounts are no longer rounded to the first decimal place in the saved estimate
  • The default printer for the estimate is now the same as for invoice


  • Deleting a reminder batch no longer systematically removes the first one from the list regardless of the user's selection
  • Reminder List: sorts the persons responsible in alphabetical order by family name.
  • For sending reminder batches by email: the correction of the merge field of the reminder date which displayed "1 Jan 1" when grouped by animal was selected
  • It is once again possible to create a 0-day reminder associated with a price schedule in the service screen
  • Changing a reminder will again allow you to check Client Response, Client Visit and Cancelled.


  • The OK button in the prescription window has been activated if the required fields have been filled in by default (using the configurations in the product catalog)
  • The prescription fee and discount are calculated correctly for each prescription regardless of where it is filled
  • Corrected the error message when trying to renew a prescription for an invalid product


  • In the client history, payment tab, we find the date and the shift, even if the payment was applied on more than one invoice
  • The communication history screen no longer truncates the text after 1024 characters and the scrolling allows you to see all of the text if it does not fit the screen completely

Counter / Client Sale

  • The counter/client sale displays 100% of the discount column when the price is at $0 and that there is a cost
  • Counter sales are restricted depending on the security of the user profile

Person and Patient

  • The error message that is displayed when the person's phone number is duplicated no longer indicates that the file cannot be deleted.
  • The saving of a person’s file is no longer blocked by a new phone number line that has not yet been modified
  • The patient's problem list now requires the entry of an identification date
  • No longer records 2 weights for the same day


  • X-ray label: prints the requested quantity
  • Fixed the visit list to avoid “deadlock” error message
  • Visit label: improved display when the customer does not have a phone number


  • If a payment is smaller than the combined total of the selected invoices, the payment will be applied to the oldest invoices first
  • Invoice: prints the list of patients in alphabetical order (such as the display) instead of by identification number
  • Sending SMS messages through the search window: the tag for the animal's name is displayed
  • Sending an SMS in English adds AM/PM after the hour