New Features - version 5.5

VetWare Update


New features

  • New patient summary
  • Added a date field for SMS
  • To do List: tabulation order improved and settings saved by user
  • When client pays cash, the change given back to the client is now printed on the invoice
  • Added new criteria for the reminder batch generation: exclude clients without an email address
  • New feature to restore deleted reminders in the reminder batch management
  • Added an option to make the confirmation of an email address mandatory
  • Appointment book: possibility to edit a recurring event
  • On the admission label the weight of the animal is now displayed
  • Sending batch client statement: now puts a note in the communication history

Corrected Bugs 

  • Multiple expiration dates upon reception of order is reactivated
  • Appointment book:  focus remains on the same time slot on change of date
  • The types of reminders are displayed only once in the list of the service catalog
  • Reminder Batch : printed list now selects the correct dates
  • Medical File: use of the brackets { no longer causes a problem and it is now possible to delete an item that has a SOAP category
  • In the Reports, the client statements printing window no longer prints statements that are not displayed
  • Searching by animal reference number no longer generates an error if the option to use reference numbers is not enabled
  • Allow the use of 2 consecutive underscore bars (_) in the email address
  • Checkbox of SMS remains saved even after modifying an option in the person window
  • Fixed an error when clicking on Admission or Label two times when creating a visit
  • To do list : refreshing now keeps the focus on the same line
  • In the vaccination window, the "generate reminders" box no longer prevents the modification of serial or rabies number
  • In the Account, the Adjustment can now be done even if the amount is $ 0
  • Print 1 single shelf card even if there are 2 suppliers on the product
  • Order upload sorts items in alphabetical order on the CDMV website
  • Laboratory Label now uses the default barcode printer