New Features - version 5.4

VetWare Update


Entirely reprogrammed in VB.Net

  • Several screens redesigned and tabs eliminated
  • Freely movable windows and ability to open more windows simultaneously
  • Detached main menu that can be customized to facilitate navigation in the program
  • Ability to open a search window from the appointment book
  • Updated version of SQL

New features

  • “Animal” section in the person window
  • “Coloured paw” symbol based on animal gender in the search window
  • Client’s communication preference in the reminder list
  • Option to send estimates and account statements via email directly from the software
  • Indicator in the reminder list that the animal is deceased
  • Enhanced prescription warning message management
  • Option to add several products simultaneously when ordering
  • Option to assign a cash drawer to a workstation
  • Verification mechanism to avoid unwanted changes to the status of an animal when a service (e.g. sterilization or euthanasia) is removed
  • Option to use a 13-digit bar code (European)

Revised screens 

  • Redesigned and standardized the product, service and group windows
  • Redesigned inventory window
  • Redesigned and standardized visit creation window
  • Appointment book options centralized with general options

Revised reports

  • Monetary  value added to inventory reports: adjustment transactions
  • New extended inventory value report
  • Checkboxes added to the shift report