New Features - version 5.3

1.    New features associated to appointments

1.1.    Appearance

1.1.1.     Current time indicator
1.1.2.     Time slot selector
1.1.3.     Full week view

1.2.    User settings

1.2.1.     Groups by options
1.2.2.     Go to current time when changing date
1.2.3.     Viewing appointments only

1.3.    Detailed report: display and/or print schedule by resource including appointments and periods of availability in the span of selected dates
1.4.    Find the customer file associated to an appointment
1.5.    Assigning of the reason of a visit when creating an appointment
1.6.    Searching for a referral customer facilitated

2.     Estimates

2.1. Option to include an approximate price
2.2. Specific printer choice for the estimation formula

3.     Client Sales & Counter Sales:  easy search and selection of products

4.     Person file: multiple email address for an individual client

5.     Inventory reports: product codes and names of suppliers indicated

6.     Medical file modification history