New Features - Version 5.2

Products and Orders Management

  • Synchronization between Vetware / LogiVet orders and CDMV orders on the CDMV web site
  • Adding multiple expiry dates
  • Display incomplete products and the required information to be added
  • “Usage” function improved: list of detailed transactions and inventory movement entries

New features associated to appointments

  • Booking an appointment from the “Appointment List”
  • “Appointment” button viewable from the medical file
  • Next appointment viewable in the medical file header
  • Next appointment viewable in the “Reminders list”
  • Appointment status modification from the “Edit Appointment” window
  • Pop-up window of booked appointments (optional)
  • Hiding unavailable resources in the appointment book

Various new features

  • Prescription: printing multiple copies of labels
  • Display of deceased or given animals
  • Addition of a communication in the customer log
  • Show “currently onsite” animals in the reminders list (optional)
  • Show animal weight and age for each visit (optional)
  • Document editor: How to export a document in PDF
  • Document editor: Cropping and rotation tool