Is VetWare compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, VetWare is completely compatible with Windows 11.

How do I save two email addresses for one client?

You can put several addresses in the "Email" field. Simply separate them with a semi-colon (no spaces).

Where do I put an animal's microchip number?

Use the field "No. réf." in the "Animal" file. You can also put a tattoo number in that field. Use the "No. réf. animal" field in the "Recherche" window to search using an animal's reference number. The reference number can also be used in your documents, with the "champ de fusion" field.

How can I find out which client bought a specific product?

Use the "Utilisation" function in the "Produit" window. Click on "Utilisation," and  VetWare will display all transactions involving the selected product for a given period.

Double-click the boxes to see transaction details.

How do I use VetWare to send text messages (SMS) to clients?

You must subscribe to the Animail service. Click here for information about the service. 

How do I add a new user?

First, go to the "Recherche" window and click on the "Nouv. Personne" button to create a new "Person." Once you've created the new person, open the "Personne" window and click on "Info. supp." and then on the "Utilisateur" tab to create the user account. For more detailed instructions, watch the video "How to add a new user."

How do I add a new method of payment?

Go to the "Configuration --> Tables" menu and click on "Mode de paiement." 

How do I change an animal's owner?

In the top part of the "Animal" window, there's a section to add a second owner or to change an animal's owner. Use the "+" button to search for, select and add a new owner and the "- " button to delete a selected owner.

What can I do if a product doesn't get ordered automatically?

It's possible that the product is marked as "B.O." (back-ordered). Check to see if the product is part of an old order that was not received, and update your inventory accordingly. Check orders that are several months old. If the problem persists, consult tech support.

How do I create a PDF document without printing and scanning it?

We recommend that you install a virtual printer to create PDFs. There are several free ones available online. Install one and configure it as your printer in VetWare, and then you'll be able to select it in the printing window to create a PDF. For more information, consult your IT technician.

How do I add a default estimate message?

To add a message about estimates, go to "Configuration --> Options générales --> Impression --> Message estimation." Type the message in English and French, and be sure to check off "Inclure le texte au bas de l'estimation pour impression." When you print, you may choose to include or modify the default message. 

The accounts are finished for the month. How do I make sure that there won't be any changes?

We strongly encourage you to block periods once they are processed by your accounting system. Go to "Configuration --> Options générales --> Autre" and select the date in the "Début de la période active" field. Once you do that, everything up to that date is closed and not modifiable. To make a change to a closed period, simply re-open it by changing the date so it is after the period you wish to change.

What can I do if I can't select the check payment option in a specific client?

In upper right corner of the person window make sure that the “no check” box is unchecked.